10 Cringiest Animes Ever

Anime has become wildly popular and covers a wide area of series, so much that the audience can watch the full length of the series. But the Anime series takes advantage of this and adds characters, or they are placed in awkward situations that may make us uncomfortable or make us cringe. Some may enjoy watching it; some may view it just for fun to invoke laughter while some of them can get way too uncomfortable, even though you may connect to it. Sometimes even the best of Anime can make you cringe for being made in either a strange or hilarious way.

Hey guys, welcome back to Watch Tank. Today, we are going to take you through our top 10 picks of cringiest Animes ever!

10. Haganai

It is one of the rarest Anime series ever, because of some variations of its own. However, it does have social misfits in a high school setting. Their awkwardness not only makes the audience cringe, but the plot does too. The characters might have fun among themselves, but it doesn’t leave the same impact on the audience. The styles are different, but the plot lacks substance and is not well-knit.

9. Mitsuboshi Colors

Three elementary school girls form a group called Colors. Kotoha, Yui, and Sat-chan aim to preserve peace within their town. Quite the opposite occurs and unexpected things take place. While they were notified that a cat was causing trouble in the town from the resident policeman Saito, the Colors planned to catch it. When they finally found her, the Colors decided to take care of it and named it Colonel Monochrome. Later the girls chose to blow Saito, the policeman with a rocket launcher. They aim at him without unlocking the safe.

8. Charlotte

A Japanese anime television series, Charlotte, is produced by P.A.Works and Aniplex and directed by Yoshiyuki Asai. This Anime aired 13 episodes. Charlotte has had mixed reviews from the audience. While few liked it, many criticized for unreasonable bizarre moments.

The plot revolves around a group of children, who upon reaching puberty, manifest superpowers. These children indulge in different acts to satisfying their narcissistic selves, rather than using those abilities to bring about good. Charlotte brings in an awkward laugh than appreciation of their superpowers and the characters at large.

7. Crime Scene (Yuru Yuri)

One of the most bizarre moments in Anime was the crime scene in Yuru Yuri. As dangerous and scary the scene looks , it is quite the opposite. It is not hard to guess the reason for this “crime scene” occurrence. Here is a twist, no one is killed; no one is mashed to death; it’s just a nosebleed. Yes, you heard that right, a nosebleed. Chitose Ikeda was the culprit that caused this nosebleed and made it is so dramatic. So much, that it makes it awkward every time you come across this scene.

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6. Hisoka (Hunter X Hunter)

Hisoka belonged to Phantom Troupe; his physical strength is ranked third in the group. He likes fighting with strong opponents. Sometimes he lets these opponents go get more power to be able to fight Hisoka. This thoughtful nature makes you question his intentions of being surprised. He is whimsical and tends to lie and cracke cruel jokes on his victims. He enjoys painful and uncomfortable expressions by his victims. These acts are more dangerous and unpredictable than his killing practices. He enjoys viewing his opponent in pain, and it satisfies his sexual desires. He lets go of his opponent, especially when he could quickly kill them. He is one of the most chaotic and most bizarre characters in Anime.

5. Jimi Hendrix

Hendrix tends to hallucinate in the worst of situations. This is because is he is a compulsive drug user, a smoker of marijuana. His awkward hallucination moments make them some of the most bizarre moments ever. On one occasion, he hallucinates in the middle of a car chase. He fantasizes about Western pop culture, mostly involving Playboy Playmates, some sixties rock music legend, Star Trek characters like Jean-Luc Picard and Klingons. Despite Jimi Hendrix’s hallucination, he was considered being a skilled driver, without his overdose.

4. Watamote

This Anime’s protagonist is Tomoko Kuroki. She believes herself to be the most popular girl in school since she was pleasant and successful at otome games. Tables turn when she gets a reality check, Tomoko Kuroki wasn’t as popular as she thought herself to be. She was suffering from severe social anxiety. She was less prepared for high school than she felt herself to be. She became so awkward among her peers that she couldn’t even communicate with her teachers. She couldn’t filter her words, and she said anything that came to her mind, which, on most occasions, embarrassed her.

3. The Wallflower

The Wallflower talks about a girl named Sunako Nakahara, the female protagonist. The plot revolves around the societal beauty standards and how a female is always supposed to be ladylike. Sunako was rejected by her crush simple because she was ugly. This incident had traumatized her, which led to growing concerns by her aunty. She asked four boys, who lived in her mansions as tenants to transform Sunako to a “lady”, failing which they would have to face the consequences. Though these boys did their best, they could not change Sunako’s nature. She could temporarily be “ladylike”, but that wasn’t her usual self. The series makes it a bizarre one since it was established in modern-age with stereotypical thoughts. This aspect was a complete turnoff for the audience.

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2. Dog and Scissors

The plot is not as not that easy to understand as the title of the Anime suggests. The plot revolves around a high school bookworm, Kazuhito Harumi. It was one such day, while he was reading a book café and he saw a stranger getting attacked. To protect her, Kazuhito Harumi was shot, and he died. Harumi was resurrected since he was determined to read the latest novel of Akiyama, his favourite author. He is reborn as a dog and is adopted by Kirihime Natsuno, the same person he saved at the café. He is named Kuro. But little did the Kuro know that Kirihime was a sadist and was obsessed with a pair of scissors she possesses as a child.

1. Zombieland Saga

A typical school-going girl Sakura Minamoto, who dreams of becoming an idol singer, was gearing up to fulfil her dream by finishing up all the paperwork only to be crushed by a speeding truck. The audience, along with Sakura Minamoto, is transported to the future, ten years later, to find out Sakura Minamoto had becomeo a zombie. She had no clue about the place she was in and lost her memory too. As much as she is in an awkward position, the audience also kept wondering how she managed to become a zombie and join another group of 5 zombies, forming an idol group called Franchouchou.

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