10 Best Scenes from Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

The Netflix parody, Eurovision: The Story of Fire Saga has been much appreciated by fans. The film pays tribute to the real life contest and contestants which starred in 1956, spread across seven countries, for over 50 years the contest has helped launched careers and created superstars. Few of the prominent ones being Conchita Wurst, Celine Dion, ABBA and so on. The film stars Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams, giving excellent reference to the competition’s memorable scenes which featured various Eurovision stars. The film showed shots of the real commentators and winners from the show. Though the show was cancelled this year due to the pandemic, the film served an excellent stopgap. The audience could revisit and re-listen to some of the songs from some of their favourite artists.

Hey guys, welcome back to WatchTank. We are going to look at our compilation of the top 10 best scenes from Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

10. Coloured Performances on Stage

The Fire Saga is one of the most colourful acts and idyllic acts in the competition by Moon Fang. In this act members covered their faces with headgears which resembled ghouls. Their look and their metal sound were both legitimately taken from Lordi, the Finnish band that won the 2006 contest. Fire Saga Eurovision act was always going to stand out, performing with an absurd staging.

9. Sigrit Goes Local

In the film, Sigrit needs to play out the couple’s tune which is in Icelandic instead of English, realizing it dangers of costing them votes. This is a common problem numerous nation face in the competition. The fact that she sings in Icelandic and hits unimaginable notes, however, she additionally sings the verse, “Where the whales can live, ’cause they’re gentle people. Husavik enters in as a deus ex machina, wearing B.D.S.M. clothing, performed in Icelandic and came in tenth. It is Sigrit’s tribute to her old neighbourhood in Iceland. This act is merely flawless from a parody; such is the intensity of Eurovision.

8. Unforgettable Tunes

For the most part, Eurovision sections did well on account of how different they were; a diva with a facial hair as Conchita Wurst or the epic sax solo which despite everything was quite similar to the SunStroke Project. In 2017, Portugal tossed out the entire rulebook and named jazz vocalist Salvador Sobral to sing the frequenting melody “Amar Pelos Dois.” It was so perculiar and won the challenge. Remember it? The tune begins when Lars and Sigrit show up in Edinburgh, and Sobral makes an appearance as the road entertainer singing it.

7. Jaja Ding Dong is the Society Hymn

Eurovision is over 50 years of age, hence required a long time to discover its balance. How else could they make a melody that was so catchy for all regardless of their different dialects? For some time, the most appropriate answer was drivel syllables. It wasn’t strange, when Lars and Sigrit got lectured about “Ja Ding-Dong” at a bar nearby, whiles alluding to early tunes like 1969 victor, the U.K.’s “Blast Bang A Bang”.

“Jaja Ding Dong”, the society hymn was performed by Fire Saga was venerated more by the fans than some of other tunes played on stage. It was amusing and short, yet included some great vocals. Even if you’re yet to watch Eurovision, there’s a decent possibility that you’ve heard of “Jaja Ding Dong”. The tune has taken on its own existence in the Internet’s image culture since the film was released.

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6. 21st Century Viking is More than Just Music

One of the passages from the Iceland Song Contest was a “21st Century Viking”. Even though 21st Century Viking doesn’t make it to Eurovision, the demonstration in the Icelandic rivalry was an unmistakable reference to Denmark’s 2018 journey, Rasmussen. Rasmussen had five individuals, as opposed to a solitary vocalist, with a different kind of vibe — long hair, each having longer than the last, substantial facial hair, and a much chiller music than you’d expect.

5. Witness Double Trouble

The tune in Fire Saga submitted in the Eurovision demonstration, “Double Trouble”, highlighted a monster hamster wheel. This was a crazy prop taken legitimately from a 2014 rivalry execution by Ukrainian artist Mariya Yaremchuk. In Eurovision, the wheel demonstration closes, however, Yaremchuk’s exhibition didn’t include any mishaps. The hamster wheel moving off the stage was all a comic embellishment. However, Yaremchuk jumped on the head of the wheel while singing.” Fire Saga” spoofs numerous well-known Eurovision melodic kinds. During the challenge that picks the Icelandic section, we hear 21st Century Viking, which was comparative in style to Denmark’s 2018 passage. Afterwards, in the elimination round, there’s Moon Fang who look fundamentally the same as Lordi, Finland’s overwhelming metal section that won the opposition in 2006.

4. The Wheel Stumbled Dana

One of the most noteworthy scenes sees Lars (Ferrell) and Sigrit (McAdams) tumbling off the Eurovision stage after Sigrit’s scarf got trapped in the monster hamster wheel with Lars.

This was a tribute to Ukraine’s 2014 Eurovision section, which highlighted an artist performing in a gigantic wheel as Mariya Yaremchuk, who sang in front. Unlike “Fire Saga,” Ukraine’s exhibition went off quickly, and the demonstration came in 6th, in the event, returning as a significant aspect of a parody production in the 2016 challenge.

Since Eurovision is a live transmission, botches can occur. For example, Dima Bilan, Russia’s entrance in 2009, got his coat tangled in the overhead wires that allowed him to coast down from the rooftop. What’s more, in 1999, Dana International stumbled and fell in front of an audience attempting to present the trophy to that year’s champion.

3. Lion of Love

“Lion of Love” was Stevens’ huge melody in the film and it was superb in its overabundance. His deep vibrato is challenging to overlook, and it made “Lion of Love” one of Eurovision’s ideal. One of the scene-stealers of Eurovision was Dan Stevens, who enters the film like a wad of fire as Alexander Lemtov. Alexander Lemtov, a Russian vocalist whose brand name is his operatic performing voice. Romania’s 2013 section, Cezar, was similar, not just as far as how he sung but in even his chest-exposing outfit and his squirming framework of reinforcement artists. Dan Stevens who caught everyone’s attention as their kindred Eurovision rival, the capricious and ultra-affluent Russian vocalist Alexander Lemtov.

2. Lovato as Icelandic Vocalist Katiana

Singer Demi Lovato
Singer – Demi Lovato

Perhaps the most exciting appearance in Eurovision was Demi Lovato as Icelandic vocalist Katiana. Her stalwart execution in the Icelandic pre-determination for Eurovision could be contrasted with any of the divas who have genuinely contended in the rivalry over the past years. Her song, “In the Mirror,” seemed like a potential Lovato hit, paying little mind to real connections. Lovato belted out the verses in furiousness and with certainty which unquestionably made the melody an earworm. With the outrageous comedy that originated from Ferrell and McAdams, the appearance of Demi Lovato can never be overlooked in Eurovision.

Before we take you to our top 1 pick, here are some honourable mentions

  • A number of stars have gained popularity due to The Eurovision Song Contest. Céline Dion, Udo Jürgens and most notably amongst them, ABBA.
  • Animals were not allowed in the show, not even for their acts.
  • First Eurovision Song Contest took place in Switzerland
  • They had different tie-break rules. If the songs got equal points then the song with the highest votes won.
  • A purely instrumental performance is forbidden

1. ABBA got its Fame

Pop Group ABBA
Pop Group – ABBA

The name ABBA is synonymous to Eurovision. The band won the competition back in 1974 for Sweden, with Waterloo being the best Eurovision entry song of all time. The song was referenced a few times in the film as well.

If you haven’t watched the movie, Netflix is there to the rescue, bringing out some of the best and memorable moments from the show.

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